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Precision through pulling movement

The Japanoflex

The Japanoflex, also known as “Nokogiri”, are masterpieces of woodworking technology. Unlike Western hand saws, Japanese pull saws cut while pulling rather than pushing. This special design gives them exceptional precision and efficiency. Let’s take a detailed look at the unique features and applications of these saws.

Features of the Japanoflex: Design for efficiency and precision

Saw blade and teeth:

Japanoflex pull saw blades are thin and flexible, which gives them a high level of cutting precision. The teeth are sharp and aligned with the handle to efficiently cut through the wood during the pulling motion. The teeth vary depending on the model, from very fine teeth for precise cuts to coarser teeth for universal work.

Pulling movement and cutting accuracy:

The basic operation of the Japanoflex is based on the pulling movement, in which the saw blade passes through the wood is drawn. This allows for precise and controlled cutting as the pull saw is less likely to deviate from the desired path. The pulling motion also reduces pressure on the teeth, resulting in a more efficient and gentler cut.

Handle design and ergonomics:

The handle of our Japanoflex pull saws is specially ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable handling. The construction of two high-quality plastic components allows for comfortable use over longer working hours.

Areas of application:Versatility for fine and coarse work

Fine woodwork and PVC processing:

Japanoflex pull saws are particularly effective for fine work in wood and PVC. Their precise cuts are ideal for adjusting moldings, cutting miters and making joints.

Wood sculptures and crafts:

Artists and craftsmen use Japanoflex pull saws for even arts and crafts projects. The fine control during the pulling movement allows detailed cuts to be made. 

Care and Handling:Precision through regular care

To maintain the precision of a Japanoflex pull saw, regular care is crucial. The sharpened and electro-inductively hardened teeth should be cleaned regularly to ensure optimal cutting performance. Careful storage and protection against rust help to ensure the longevity of the saw. 

Conclusion:Japanoflex pull saws – art of precision

Japanoflex pull saws represent the integration of Japanese craftsmanship into modern Western hand saw manufacturing. With their unique pulling movement, precise teeth and high-quality workmanship, they offer impressive cutting accuracy. Whether for fine woodwork or rough work in furniture construction, Japanoflex pull saws set standards for precision and efficiency in woodworking.

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