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Hand saws for aerated concrete

Hand saws for concrete are specially designed tools that are characterized by their ability to make cuts in aerated concrete (or aerated concrete) without much effort. These saws provide tradesmen and construction workers with a portable solution for construction and renovation projects that require hand-cut concrete elements.

Features of hand saws for aerated concrete or aerated concrete

Tooth geometry and teeth:

The tooth geometry of hand saws for aerated concrete is designed to move effectively through the hard material. The teeth of our aerated concrete saws are coated with carbide or specially hardened to increase the longevity of the saw and ensure precise cuts.

Blade material and length:

The saw blades of aerated concrete saws are robust and made from high-quality materials withstand the extreme conditions of aerated concrete cutting. The blade length varies depending on the model, allowing both narrow and wide cuts to be made.

Ergonomic Handle and Handling:

The ergonomic wooden handle is designed to provide a secure and comfortable grip while the user is using the saw leads through the hard concrete. The design minimizes fatigue and ensures precise guidance of the saw.

Areas of application

Aerated concrete materials:

Aerated concrete saws are special saws for cutting aerated concrete, a light, porous hard material is very popular in the construction industry due to its low density and excellent insulating properties. Hand saws for aerated concrete are not suitable for cutting other materials and should only be used for cutting stones and components made of aerated concrete or aerated concrete or lightweight concrete. 

Care and maintenance

To ensure the longevity and performance of hand saws To ensure that aerated concrete is maintained, regular care is essential. Cleaning the teeth after each use and checking for wear helps ensure that the saw is ready for use at all times and delivers clean cutting results.


Hand saws for aerated concrete are essential tools for construction workers, craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers, who have to achieve precise cuts in aerated concrete. With their ability to move through aerated concrete surfaces with minimal effort, these saws provide a portable and efficient solution for construction and renovation projects where accuracy and reliability are critical.

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