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New saw blades for your hand saw

Replacement saw blades are indispensable companions for craftsmen who rely on a reliable and precise hand saw. With a wide range of blade types, including those for Japanese saws, hacksaws and scroll saws, these replacement parts offer the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of materials and projects.

Characteristics of our replacement saw blades

Material quality for longevity:

Whether for Japanese saws, metal saws or scroll saws – high-quality replacement saw blades are made of robust materials, ensure a long service life and retain their sharpness over many uses.

Various teeth for versatility

The variety of teeth on replacement saw blades allows them to be adapted to various materials. For example, coarse teeth are suitable for quick cuts in wood, while fine teeth enable precise and clean cuts.

Specialized saw blades for metal:

Metal saw blades as spare parts offer special tooth geometries that efficiently cut through metal. These are ideal for metalworking projects where precision and durability are crucial.

Precise cuts with Japanese saws:

Replacement saw blades for Japanese saws are characterized by their fine tooth geometry, which enables unmatched precision when cutting wood. These blades are particularly suitable for demanding woodwork where fine details and clean cuts are required. The careful design of the teeth allows you to move effortlessly through wood while maintaining the highest level of control over the cut. Whether it’s building furniture, artistic craft projects, or traditional carpentry work, replacement saw blades for Japanese saws are the perfect choice for craftsmen who value precision and quality.

Scroll saw blades for fine cuts:

Scroll saws require special ones Sheets for delicate cuts and curves. Replacement scroll saw blades are available in a variety of thicknesses and teeth to meet the needs of artistic woodworking.

Areas of application for replacement saw blades


Replacement saw blades for Japanese saws and scroll saws are perfect for woodworking. They enable the finest cuts, artistic shapes and precise adjustments in furniture projects or creative woodwork.

Metal processing:

Metal saw blades as spare parts are essential in metal processing. They offer precise cuts when processing metal pipes, profiles and sheets, both in workshops and on construction sites.

Crafts and model making:

Scroll saw blades as spare parts are the first choice for artisans and model makers. Their ability to make delicate cuts makes them ideal for creating artistic wood projects and detailed models.

Care and selection of replacement saw blades

Caring for replacement saw blades is crucial to their longevity. Regular cleaning, checking for wear and, if necessary, sharpening the blades will help ensure optimal results with every cut. When selecting replacement saw blades, it is important to consider the specific needs of the project and the particular saw.

Bottom line: Precise cuts, versatility and durability

Replacement saw blades are key components to ensure the maximum efficiency of your hand saws. With proper selection and care, they help craftsmen make precise cuts in a variety of materials. Invest in quality replacement saw blades and maximize the performance of your hand saws on any craft project.

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