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Tradition and versatility

Fox tails for precise cuts

The foxtail, also known as a hand saw or back saw, is a timeless, dynamic tool in woodworking. With its distinctive shape and versatility, the foxtail has found its permanent place in the workshops of craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts around the world. This text highlights the features and areas of application of this versatile tool.

Features of the foxtail: Form follows function


Blade shape and serrations

The blade shape of the foxtail is tapered and resembles the tail of a fox, which is what the saw has gives names. The teeth vary depending on the model, with some saws having fine teeth for precise work and others having coarse teeth for faster, rough cuts. This versatility makes the foxtail an essential tool for a wide range of woodworking tasks.

Handle design and ergonomics

The handle of our foxtails is ergonomically designed to ensure a secure and comfortable grip during use. It allows the craftsman to guide the saw stably and make precise cuts. The production of plastic with a hard and a soft component guarantees comfortable handling and a long service life of the handle. 

Areas of application: Universal tools for woodwork


Precise Cutting

The foxtail is ideal for precise cutting, be it when adjusting furniture, cutting moldings or making miter cuts. The fine teeth enable clean cuts with impressive accuracy.

Rough cutting and rough work

The foxtail is also ideal for rough work and rough cutting of wood. With a robust construction and coarse teeth, it can efficiently remove wood, which makes it particularly popular in the construction industry and carpentry work. 

Care and Handling:Longevity for generations

To the To maximize a foxtail’s lifespan, regular care is crucial. This includes cleaning the saw occasionally. When it comes to our saws, we value high-quality materials and sharp, mostly electro-inductively hardened teeth for long-term usability and precise cutting results. High-quality, well-maintained hand saws often last for generations.

Conclusion: Timeless elegance

The foxtail embodies the combination of tradition and functionality. Its distinctive shape, versatility of use and ability to make precise cuts make the saw an essential tool for anyone who enjoys woodworking. In a world full of power tools, the foxtail retains its timeless elegance and remains a symbol of the craftsmanship of woodworking.

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