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Precise cuts with metal saws

Hacksaws are essential tools for craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts who want to make precise cuts in various metals. These handheld saws offer a flexible and cost-effective alternative to electric saws, especially for fine cuts and working on smaller projects.

Features of metal saws

Special tooth geometry:

Hand saws for metal are equipped with a special tooth geometry designed to move through metal efficiently. The teeth are very small and particularly strong to penetrate the hardness of metal and ensure precise cuts.

Robust construction:

The saws are robustly built to withstand the stresses of cutting metal. A sturdy handle and a tight connection between the handle and the saw blade ensure precise handling and a long service life of the tool.


Hand saws for metal are versatile and are suitable for various types of metal, including aluminum, steel and Copper. They enable precise machining in various areas of metal processing.

Areas of application of metal saws

Construction projects:

Hand saws are used in construction and renovation projects where precise metal cuts are required. They are suitable for cutting metal pipes, profiles and sheets.

Workshop work:

Hand saws for metal are indispensable in metal workshops. They are used for fine cuts, repairs, and adjustments when an electric saw would be too rough or impractical.


Artists and craftsmen who work with metal appreciate the precision of hand saws. These tools enable delicate cuts and detailed work for artistic projects. 

Care and Maintenance

To maintain the performance of hand saws for metal, regular care is crucial. Cleaning the teeth after each use, checking for wear and replacing the saw blades if necessary will help ensure that the saw is always ready for use. 


Metal saws are essential tools for craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts who require precision and value flexibility. With their robust construction and special tooth geometry, they enable precise cuts in various types of metal and are a valuable addition to any tool kit.

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