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Precision for special requirements

Hand saws for specialist areas

Special saws are individually designed tools that focus on specific requirements and materials. Three outstanding variants of these special saws are the hacksaw, metal saws and fretsaws.

The hacksaw is characterized by a characteristic bow frame that allows it to be adapted to different saw blades. It is versatile and particularly suitable for clean cuts in wood. Metal saws are designed to cut metals efficiently. The different versions of hand saws with special metal saw blades offer precise cuts in various metals. Fret saws are small, fine hand saws with thin, fine-toothed saw blades. They are perfect for delicate woodwork, artistic carvings and detailed work as they allow for tight curve cuts and the finest carvings. The care of specialist saws is crucial to their performance. Regular cleaning of the saw blades, checking for wear and, if necessary, replacing saw blades ensure optimal results with every use. Special saws such as hacksaws, metal saws and fret saws are tailor-made solutions for precise cuts in specific materials and applications. Their special design and adaptability make them indispensable tools in every well-equipped workshop.

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