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Hacksaws from Augusta Heckenrose

Hacksaws are highly specialized tools that are characterized by their unique design and versatility. These saws offer precision craftsmanship and are suitable for a variety of cutting jobs in different woods.

Characteristics of hacksaws

Bracket frame for stability:

The characteristic feature of a hacksaw is its stable bow frame. This ensures stability during the cut.

Different saw blades for versatility:

Hack saws offer the option of using different saw blades. The planer teeth with chip spacers are more suitable for damp woods from forests and gardens, while the pointed teeth with gaps are specifically tailored to dry woods such as lumber. 

Ergonomic handle for comfort:

An ergonomically designed handle ensures a comfortable grip during use. This is particularly important for precise saw guidance and minimizes fatigue during longer work periods. Additionally, our hacksaws have hand guards to protect knuckles while sawing. 

Care and Maintenance

To ensure the longevity and performance of hacksaws, regular care is necessary. This includes cleaning the saw blades after each use, checking for wear and replacing the saw blades if necessary.


Hack saws are robust and precise tools that are primarily used for gardening and on construction sites. Their unique design, combined with the option of different saw blades, makes them indispensable companions for professional cutting work.

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