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Jigsaws & veneer saws

Jigsaws are indispensable tools when working with wood and other building materials, especially when it comes to making cuts in curves and contours. These handheld saws offer a versatility that makes them a favorite of carpenters, carpenters, and DIY enthusiasts. In this text, we take a close look at the features and applications of jigsaws and veneer saws.

Jigsaw features:Round details and flexibility

Blade shape and teeth

Jigsaws are characterized by their slim, narrow blade with a strengthened blade tip, which makes it possible to make punctures in panels powerfully and precisely Make cuts in tight radii and curves. The teeth vary depending on the model and intended use. We offer jigsaws for woodworking or plasterboard.

Ergonomic handle and handling

A comfortable and ergonomically designed handle is crucial for handling a jigsaw. It offers a secure hold and enables easy, precise guidance of the tool. This is particularly important for jobs that require a high level of control, such as cutting curves or sawing out shapes.

Veneer saw features:Great versatility

Saw blade, teeth , Handle

Veneer saws have a special saw blade shape that combines the advantages of several types of saws such as foxtail, back saw and jigsaw. An additional toothed ring enables quick and easy cuts in thin wooden panels (hence the name “veneer saw”). The fine shear teeth are ideal for precise wood processing. 

Areas of application: curve cuts and incisions

Multi-purpose in hobby, home and construction

Jigsaws are the ideal tool for making punctures, curves , hole and round cuts in wood or plasterboard, as well as for cutting lumber and small PVC pipes. The veneer saw is the perfect addition: Thanks to its high-quality shear teeth, it is ideal for fine and clean cuts in thin veneer plywood and thin MDF and hardboard. The additional toothed ring enables easy cuts in panels for the production of cut-outs or round cuts.

Care: Durability and precision

Regular care and cleaning is important so that hand saws maintain their full performance. Regular sharpening of the teeth is not necessary with our saws, as the electro-inductive hardening of the tooth tips ensures long-term precise and efficient cuts.

Conclusion:Jigsaws and veneer saws – the masters of fine cuts

Jigsaws are true masters when it comes to fine cuts and precise contours. Their slim design and adaptability make them an essential tool in the workshop and on the construction site. The same applies to the veneer saw, which, with its versatility and precision, is an ideal addition to panel processing. With their compact size and handy design, jigsaws and veneer saws can be used quickly and anywhere.

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